Weaving a tapestry of Bates voices

Every day, Bates people capture and share their experiences with digital cameras — through stills, video, and audio. We want to support and help surface and share those stories that reinforce the lifelong value of a Bates education.

The Bates community — students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and partners — is filled with dynamic people who bring a Bates frame of mind to a spectrum of endeavors — scholarship, research, professional, and personal. Nevertheless, Bates people commonly talk about the singular excitement that accompanies the insights they discover along the way.

Sharing these insights from a variety of perspectives and roles demonstrates the excitement of the Bates experience. If short and concise — and stylistically consistent — they can be presented online individually or organized as topic- or role-based playlists.

The juxtaposition (or intercutting) of short segments can combine voices together into an integrated vision of the Bates experience.

We encourage Bates people to create and publish content in a way that:

  • respects privacy and intellectual property rights
  • allows for subscription and curation
  • facilitates sustainable hosting over time



30-45 seconds (1-2 sentence) answers to several standard, overarching questions.



To be recorded on camera at beginning of shoot.

  • Hi I’m <name> and I’m working on behalf of Bates today.
  • Do you give me permission to record you talking today and to post this video publicly on the Web?
  • Do you give permission to record in this room/building/space?
  • How do we spell/pronounce your name?


Aha – a moment of learning and discovery

  • During your time at Bates, can you tell me about a moment that stands out as memorable and meaningful? (Imagine it’s two years from now. What will you remember from this experience?)
  • Can you tell me about something significant or surprising you’ve learned as a result of your Bates education?
  • Can you tell me about an area of scholarship, research, or service you uncovered which would be ripe for future investigation by Bates people?

Essence of the Bates experience

  • Can you tell me what Bates means to you? How have you changed as a result of your Bates education? What will you take with you?

Advice for future Bates people

  • What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about coming to Bates (as a student, employee, contributor)?


Bates people talking, directly to camera. If cuts are needed, we’ll use a white flash. Shoots can (and should) be in multiple settings; that actually reinforces the idea that Bates is a state of mind, no matter the physical setting.

Target audience

  • Accessible to a general audience
  • Intelligent, interesting people

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