The Bates Online Media initiative is an informal collaborative of Web communications staff and students who are helping create online connections between Bates people, partners, and friends.

We came together in the winter of 2007 and spring of 2008 to convene a series of open forums with students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni and to envision and develop the next-generation online experience for Bates College.

This initiative represents the natural expansion of Bates’ Web communications framework, developed in 2001, into a wider vision: that all online media (Web, email, text) need to be part of an integrated vision to deepen engagement between members of the College’s many communities. Human needs should define the use of tools and techniques, rather than the other way around.

Our first success was the increase of staff for the first time in 13 years, and we are grateful to the Office of Career Services and Information and Library Services for supporting our vision. Next, our Vice President for College Advancement sponsored the first phase of our overhaul of the public Web presence: the Home 4 project, starting in January 2009. The Home and Views site launched to the world in September 2009.

This blog contains announcements about news, meetings, activities, and other updates in chronological order. Our collaboration space with best practices, guidelines, and project documents (soon to be updated) is here.

Our team

  • Jay Collier, Web communications manager: strategy, management, social media, information architecture
  • Ethan Dahlin Magoon, interface design, media production
  • Brittney French ‘11, Web communications assistant (2009)
  • Nelson Harris ‘10, Web communications assistant (2007–)
  • Bradley McGraw ‘10, Web communications assistant (2007–)
  • Joseph Kibe ‘11, Web communications assistant (2009–)
  • Rachel Spilecki, summer production assistant (2009)


  • Sophia Budianto ‘09, Web communications assistant (2006–09)
  • Julie Libin ‘09,Web communications assistant (2008–09)

Work with us

Our team model