We’ve only gathered two weeks of integrated data for our new home site — and we’re still fine-tuning, so caveat emptor — but already we can see some interesting trends on our two primary subdomains, www.bates.edu (home page and subsites) and home.bates.edu (the top levels and news site).

Compared to a year ago, our visits, page views, and pages/visit are up quite a bit.

Our bounce rate — visitors who arrive at a page or post and leave immediately — has gone down from 58% to 11% over the past year. This is a very good as a preliminary measurement of engagement.

The time on site is down, even though the number of pages per visit is up. This may indicate that people are scanning and understanding each screen more quickly and clicking to the next. If so, that is good. We’ll be investigating.

More segmentation is coming as we begin tracking exit links and gather more data. By way of background, here are some content measurement tips from our strategic partners at iSite.

Jay Collier


  1. Longer time-on-site isn’t always a good thing: if users quickly found what they were looking for, that’s a great experience.

    Pat Lynch

  2. Good point, Pat.

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