2008 was a big year for the online media workgroup at Bates.

We convened a dozen listening sessions with over two hundred students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents to identify the most important things our constituents want from the bates.edu Web experience.

We developed 5 prototypes to demonstrate the kinds of online features we wish to have Information and Library Services consider when they begin their evaluation of the legacy software used to publish www.bates.edu.

We created a blueprint for all of Bates’ online communications that reinforces deepening engagement between people and the College throughout their life time.

We received permission from ILS to pull the home page and top level pages out of the legacy software system, and Kelly Kerner sponsored a project to develop a new home site, which we kicked-off in February.

In partnership with our collaborative agency, iSite Design, we developed a strategy and architecture for a new home site that will present the Bates “vibe” that everyone has described so eloquently and consistently over the past year.

Finally, and most important of all, executive VP Bill Hiss transferred a permanent staff position to us from Career Services, and we were able to recruit and hire our first additional staff member in what I understand is 13 years.

I’m pleased to introduce Ethan Magoon, who joined us as online media producer in February, just in time to work closely with our agency to start developing the interface design for the Home 4 and Views 2 projects.

You should know that we have worked closely with a core group of content advisors over the past two months, and we’re grateful for the time they made available for a series of excellent consultations.

If you wish to learn more, feel free to take a look at our workgroup blog at batesmedia.net, where we’ve been documenting our work for the past two years.

Thanks for all your support!

Jay Collier

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