Monthly Archives: September 2008

Principles of effective online experiences

  • Be dependable – anywhere, any time, any device
  • Be intuitive – simple publishing, searching, finding
  • Be useful – helpful information and instructions
  • Be engaging – appealing, personal, immersive
  • Be personalizable – up to date feeds on personal interests
  • Be sociable – online spaces for intellectual collaboration
  • Be meaningful – insight into what matters to you

Jay Collier

I created this September presentation for a brainstorming session, convened by Bates’ IT, about our next-generation online presence.

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The good news: ILS has officially begun a discovery project to develop a software architecture for Bates’ next-generation online experience.

The bad news: The day-long workshop that kicks off the IT project is scheduled for this Wednesday so we need to cancel our rountbable meeting.

More good news: There will be much to report next month!

Jay Collier